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Breathing air contaminated by dust, fumes, vapors, gases and smoke can present an immediate and long term danger to one's health and life. Engineering controls are used as much as possible to eliminate and/or reduce exposure to these contaminants.  However, whenever engineering controls are not effective or feasible and while they are being installed, a respirator may be necessary to protect the employee from the air contaminants.  When respirators are necessary for health protection, specific procedures are necessary to overcome any potential deficiencies and to assure the effectiveness of the equipment.  Employers are responsible for establishing and implementing an effective Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) that is compliant with OSHA 1910.134.   The program must be administered by a qualified person and should stress proper training in all aspects of the respiratory procedures required by OSHA.  An effective Respiratory Protection Program should include the following:

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With the expertise of a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Retired AQL can assist you with the evaluation or development of the required written RPP, program implementation, respirator training, breathing air quality testing and respirator fit testing.  Contact AQL for a detailed proposal and quotation.

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