_____  1.  Has a list of all hazardous chemicals in the workplace been prepared?

_____  2.  Does the company have a method for updating the chemical list?

_____  3.  Has the company obtained or developed a Material Safety Data Sheet  for each hazardous chemical used?

_____  4.  Has a system been developed to ensure that all incoming hazardous chemicals have labels and MSDS?

_____  5.  Are procedures in place to ensure labeling for containers of hazardous chemicals?

_____  6.  Are employees aware of the requirements of the HAZCOM Standard and information specific to their work?

_____  7.  Are employees familiar with the hazards of the chemicals in their workplace?

_____  8.  Have employees been informed of the hazards associated with performing non-routine tasks?

_____  9.  Do employees understand how to detect the presence or release of hazardous chemicals in their workplace?

_____ 10. Are employees trained about proper work practices & personal protective equipment for chemicals they use?

_____ 11. Does the training program provide information on first aid, emergency procedures & symptoms of exposure?

_____ 12. Does the training program include an explanation of labels and warnings used in each work area?

_____ 13. Does the training describe where employees obtain MSDS and how to use them?

_____ 14. Is a system in place to ensure that new employees are trained before beginning work?

_____ 15. Is a system in place to identify new hazardous chemicals before they are introduced into a work area?

_____ 16. Is a system in place to inform employees of the hazards of newly introduced chemicals?

_____ 17. Can you benefit from the extensive AQL Safety and Chemical experience to ensure HAZCOM compliance?

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